Peter Aldhous science journalist

pillsWhy Are Dope-Addicted, Disgraced Doctors Running Drug Trials? Matter, July 2014. The volunteers who sign up to test experimental drugs are the true heroes of medical research. They deserve better than this.

mh370The $100,000 Device That Could Have Solved Missing Plane Mystery. Medium, March 2014. How can an airliner simply disappear? That’s a good question, because the technology to transmit “black box” flight data in real time is already available.

oscarOscar Picks: How to Beat Your Film-Geek Friends. Medium, February 2014. You don’t need to be a critical genius. You don't even need to have seen the movies. Let data science and the wisdom of the markets be your guide.

KalebPet Lovers Beware: When The Drugs Don’t Work. Medium, January 2014. I investigated the science behind our dog’s meds. What I found should concern anyone who cares about our companion animals.

congressOf Course Washington Is Broken: It Was Designed to Be. Medium, December 2013. Want an end to gridlock and brinkmanship? Let’s dial back the founding fathers’ obsession with checks and balances.

crowdWant to Prevent Sexual Violence? Accept That You Know a Rapist. Medium, November 2013. Rape and sexual assault are more widespread than we like to think. To tackle the problem, we must start by talking to middle school children.

lighthouseWelcome To Evidence Base. Medium, November 2013. As I’ve long said to anyone who will listen, I want to live in an evidence-based world. If you’re looking for a beacon of reason amid the storm of unsubstantiated opinion, read on.