Peter Aldhous science journalist

New Scientist’s investigation of research at the University of Minnesota’s Stem Cell Institute has led to a finding of misconduct against one researcher, the retraction of two scientific papers, and corrections to several more. With Eugenie Samuel Reich. Selected articles:

GelDoubts Over Stem Cell Images Prompt New Inquiry. New Scientist, August 2009. Lightning never strikes again in the same place? Tell that to the University of Minnesota, as it looks into more problematic papers. Article as PDF.

Flipped gelStem Cell Researcher Guilty Of Falsifying Data. New Scientist, October 2008. A former member of one of the highest-profile teams in stem cell biology is found guilty of misconduct, and the university asks for a paper to be retracted.

Flipped gel 2Fresh Questions On Stem Cell Findings. New Scientist, March 2007. For the second time, we find apparently duplicated data being used to describe results from different experiments. Article as PDF.

Flawed dataFlawed Stem Cell Data Withdrawn. New Scientist, February 2007. An initial inquiry finds problems with a paper describing adult cells that seemed to hold the same promise as embryonic stem cells.